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Tod Tobin, Ford Fleet Sales Specialist

Location Headshot Session For Borgman Ford Sales Team

"Dave's work is tremendous. He did the business head shots for our dealership and knocked it out of the park. He's a master at getting the best out of his subjects. I recommend him highly. I'm even going to take a photography class at his studio!"

Cori Williams, Owner Beer City Barre

Business Headshot Session

Finally found an occasion for my fancy dress that’s been burning a hole in my closet for almost 4 years. So thankful for my friend @davestudio616 for taking this bomb ass photo. He made me feel confident, successful, proud, smart, and brave. As a woman embarking on entrepreneurship - this is important! He took the time to get to know who I am, learn about my business, and applaud my success and bravery. It was a breath of fresh air from the start. Thank you so much. Friends, if you want brilliant light, Beyoncé fans, and wonderful talent behind the lens at your shoot - please message my bud Dave. He’s the bomb!

Caley Faulkner, Bodybuilder

Physique Photo Session

"Dave is awesome, and his work is awesome too! He is very personable, which makes your photo shoot a blast. He is a master when it comes to lighting and knows how to make you look AMAZING with it. I was blown away with the final images he shared. Definitely recommend booking a session or sitting down and chatting with him!"

Elizabeth Nickels, Board Member/Consultant/Financial Executive

Portrait Session

"I put off having these photos done for almost 3 years.  I’d been told before I was not photogenic.  Every other photo session I’d had in my career had been painful and awkward.  Dave was incredible and his stylist was extremely good.  I still looked like myself, just a better version.  Dave has a real knack for photographing women, and making them feel comfortable and confident.  His photos are professional AND flattering.    And most of all, not boring.  :)  Dave was able to draw out my personality, making me look very natural.  I expected to get a few nice head shots.  Instead, I ended up with a great mixture of professional, fun and even flirty shots that I can use for a variety of applications. I can’t believe all the compliments I’ve received since updating my LinkedIn and social media profiles! "

Marge Stoika, Office Furniture Pro

Business headshot session

"After reviewing Dave's work I knew he was a gifted photographer, but the best thing about working with him is how relaxed and comfortable he made me feel during the session. I would recommend him to anyone requiring professional photography services and will use him again in the future."

Carmen Gonzalez, Fitness Athlete

Physique Photo Session

"Dave's work CLEARLY speaks for itself. What you don’t get to see is what an amazing person Dave is. He is so great to work with, so fun, and makes you feel so confident and comfortable. 
I can say enough good things about Dave and his mad photography skills. He is seriously an amazing person, and he is such a delight to work with. Thank You Dave can't wait for my next shooting ❤"

Karen O'Rourke, DDS

Professional Headshot Session

"My experience with Dave Burgess at Studio 616 Photography was outstanding from start to finish. It was fun to see the updated environment of the studio. It is a great work space, clean and professional; I went to the studio for the professional portrait session. Dave was calm and professional in his approach, and took a variety of poses and backgrounds to achieve the best images possible. I am thrilled with my updated images, and would encourage anyone considering Studio 616 to move forward with your decision. You will not find a better studio for your photography needs! “

Kenneth Koty, Bodybuilder

Athlete Fitness Session

"Shout out to Dave Burgess at Studio 616 Photography.This is the nicest photo studio I've ever seen...super clean with modern photo technology and top of the line equipment.  Dave is an awesome guy, with a great sense of humor and he's a BEAST with his camera. To all my fellow competitors looking for a photographer before or after your show,Dave Burgess is your guy.. STUDIO 616 PHOTOGRAPHY is where it's at fellas!"

Kelly Christopher, Mom

High School Senior Session

“There are hundreds of photography studios, all claiming to be the best and have the greatest quality: and maybe they are. But my son MATTERED to Dave as he shot every picture from various angles making sure Darren was happy with the shot, making us laugh and going to locations that would enhance Darren's persona. It was a truly enjoyable experience. After the photo session I had printed pictures promptly (after coming into go over proofs) we got exactly what we wanted. Dave's flexibility, attention to detail, sense of humor, outstanding attitude and unbeatable prices made the choice to come back for our other children's pictures really easy!!  Thank you Studio 616 Photography /Dave Burgess!!

Kelly Carey, Entertainer

Professional Headshot Session

"I have been photographed by countless people in my career and Dave was exceptional. My session happened just before his studio officially opened and it was already a beautiful and versatile space. Dave was full of ideas, enthusiasm, and you can see in the pictures that we had a lot of laughs in the session! Dave was a complete pro, a great guy, and I would recommend him to anyone!"

Kristin & Ava

Location Family Portrait

"The day came when we were to meet at the chosen location and I was a bit nervous.  To be honest, I had a sense of dread and just wanted to get it over with.  I was concerned that my 4 year old little girl would be intimidated by Dave as she is with most men/boys in general.  I was very shocked at how well she took to him!   Dave seemed to know just what to say and how to act to get Ava to feel comfortable with him.  Before I knew it, Dave was snapping photo's left and right and I barely even knew (and sometimes didn't know!) that he was taking pictures!  Ava and I both had a blast just playing and conversing with each other and with Dave and before I knew it, he was packing it up.  By the end of the time we had together, I hate to admit it but I was sorry it was over!!  


The time then came to see the results of our photo shoot.  I was floored at the quality of the pictures....many of which brought tears to my eyes.  Dave was not only able to capture the fun we were having together but the LOVE that my daughter and I share.  He captured emotions in each shot which I didn't anticipate.  Not only was I thrilled but the organization for which the photo's were taken had a tough time picking out the best picture for their purposes since they said "all of them are so good!"

Paige Setsuda, Dancer

Performance Dance Session

“I was able to create beautiful photographs with Dave Burgess/Studio 616 photography and enjoyed every minute of our session together. He is a photographer that will always make you feel comfortable and accommodated. He has an amazing creative eye that will capture beautiful images while also having fun! Feeling comfortable with a photographer is so important and can make or break the images that you're attempting to capture. I definitely recommend Dave to anyone wishing to have gorgeous pictures done with an experienced and kind professional. I'm so glad I have had the experience of working with him and I definitely plan to schedule more sessions! “

Christine White, mom

High School Senior Package

“I would like to take a few moments to again thank you for the time and effort you put in to making Samantha's senior picture photo shoot so amazing. Samantha still talks about how comfortable you made her feel during her shoot and how beautiful the locations were that you chose for her. Sam really loved the suggestion of the three different outfits to bring for the photo shoot. The hardest part of having such beautiful pictures was deciding which photos to chose as there was not a bad one in the bunch. The pictures are not just beautiful they are breath taking. Thank you so much!”

Maria Walcott, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Professional Headshot Session

"As a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, I didn't want a boring profile picture. Dave made the photo shoot fun and enjoyable and worked to bring out my personality. The end result were pictures that made me look both professional and approachable. As a bonus, his photography studio is beautifully decorated with lots of natural light."

Ashley Lane, Fitness Model

Athletic Portrait Session

"I had so much fun with my fitness photo shoot with Dave Burgess at Studio 616. He is professional, creative, talented, very reasonable, and so easy to work with. The pictures were sent to me almost immediately after the photo shoot. They all turned out beautifully! Each picture perfectly captured my hard work put into my physique, and shows just how much fun we had the day of. You will absolutely love your experience with Dave! If you're looking for some great fitness photos, he is your guy! I can't wait for our next shoot!"

Mariah Moore, Martial Artist

Athletic Portrait Session

"Dave is absolutely wonderful,and his photography is nothing short of amazing! All of his work is classy, edgy, professional, and stunning! I am so blessed to have been able to work with him in the past, and hope to again soon!"










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