• Dave Burgess

A New Headquarters For Grand Rapids Headshots

Studio 616 Photography Street View

My 28th Street studio has been a great place to work for five years. It has great visibility on a busy street, a professional lobby, great office space and a comfy dressing room for clients.

The problem is the space had some serious limits for making photos. For one thing, there was no natural light. Also, it was cramped - just 700 square feet of shooting space. And most painful, it was on the opposite side of town from my Ada home - the daily cross town commute was exhausting.

So after a year-long search for a new studio, I'm pleased to announce I'll be moving to my dream space on 29th Street near East Paris In January!

I'm currently transforming this space into a hard working studio. When completed, I'll have 3500 square feet of dedicated shooting space, with a separate daylight and flash studios, a 24 foot cyclorama, and best of all 20 foot ceilings.

I'll be sharing details as the project moves along. In the meantime, somebody pinch me!

Studio 616 Photography Grand Rapids