Henna Tattoos, Cancer and Courage

March 24, 2017

Interesting things happen when creative people connect.


A few months ago, a friend introduced me to henna tattoo artist Amanda Gilbert.   As we got to know each other, she mentioned she often tattoos cancer patients, and she was interested in doing a henna crown tattoo on a cancer fighter with chemo-induced baldness. My lifelong friend Michelle was just beginning her second course of cancer treatment, and she agreed to be the subject of our first henna crown photo session.  You can see those moving photographs here.


The fuse was lit, and Amanda and I and her friend Steve Stone began an amazing collaboration on a project we are calling Crowns of Courage.  So far we've "crowned" three women, with dozens more women lined up for crown tattoos and a photo session.  Later this year, we plan on showcasing our collaboration at ArtPrize.


A few days ago, Fox17 Grand Rapids produced a wonderful feature on the Crowns of Courage project You'll meet cancer fighter Emily Vankeuren, hear her powerful story, and see a demo of the lovey henna tattoo crowns Amanda does. Plus you'll see a sneak preview of some of the images we're making.  Enjoy




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