Prepping For ArtPrize Nine

August 2, 2017


I am thrilled to be exhibiting my photography at ArtPrize for the first time this September.  


The project began kind of by accident - my business associate BIncy Teodorescu said "I have a really creative friend.  You two should get together and see what happens."  That was my introduction to free spirit Henna Tattoo artists Amanda GIlbert and Steve Stone of Happy Henna . 


Our connection was immediate.  We brainstormed some ideas for collaboration, and Amanda revealed that she often did henna art for cancer patients, and had always wanted to do a henna "crown" for a woman who had lost hair from chemotherapy.


Unbeknownst to Amanda, my dear friend Michelle Mucha has been fighting cancer for more than two years.  She was just beginning her second round of chemo treatments, and she agreed to be our first subject.  Amanda and Steve did their custom henna tattoos, and makeup artist Tara Pennington helped prep our subject. The photo session was very gratifying for all of us, and the images were stunning.  Soon after, we learned of a few other women who were willing to be "crowned" and photographed.  


We began our project last fall with Michelle, and this past Monday, cancer fighter Lisa Fredericks was our final crown before ArtPrize.  Along the way, were were joined by makeup artist Jessica Renusson, the our team of Steve, Amanda, Tara and Jess were able to crown 22 Michigan cancer warriors. These  22 different women of all ages and backgrounds are featured in our Crowns of Courage ArtPrize exhibit which will debut September 20th at the DeVos Place Convention Center.


We've had the pleasure of meeting many courageous women, and we've been flooded with requests to do crowns.  We've had to decline (for now!) many requests, simply because we lack the time and resources to act on every request.   The crownings will resume after ArtPrize.  


In the meantime, please enjoy this brief video montage of our 22 amazing ArtPrize subjects.  We are thrilled with photography and henna art that these wonderful women have helped us create, and we are grateful to them for touching our lives and hearts.




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