No matter what your skill level, there's always something new to learn about about improving your images.  Studio 616 offers hands-in photography classes in our Wyoming, Michigan professional photo studio for new and experienced photographers.

Out Smart Your Camera

Intro to Studio Lighting

Dave Burgess is the owner of Studio 616 Photography.  He is a lifelong photography enthusiast, and he loves sharing his photo knowledge and passion with others.  As a professional, he specializes in portrait, family and dance photography.  He has trained with National Geographic photographer Joe McNally, noted dance photographer Allen Birnback and many others.  

Add drama and creativity to your photographs with simple lighting techniques

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced Photographers

To make interesting images, you need interesting light.  In this class, you'll learn how to evaluate ambient light, and mix it with off camera flash for dramatic images.  This class will have hands-on demonstrations of speed light and studio light in an informal learning environment.  You’ll learn:


  • The four qualities of light, and how to use them to make magic

  • The pyramid of exposure: ISO/Shutter Speed/Aperture 

  • Why your on camera flash makes terrible pictures

  • Triggering flash remotely: three easy methods

  • Why manual mode is best for flash photography

  • Shaping light with simple tools

  • Metering to eliminate guesswork

  • In class demonstrations of all concepts and principles

  • Practice with live models

Cost $189

Digital Camera Technology Explained

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate Photographers


Modern digital cameras are loaded with features and capabilities, and camera manufacturers proudly proclaim their cameras are “point and shoot”.  So then why do so many digital photographers get unexpected and disappointing images?


Our “Outsmart Your Camera” class will show you how your modern camera thinks, so you can give it the instructions it needs to deliver the images you want.  You'll learn:

* The three basic ways your camera controls light, and how you can take control of each.

* Focus modes - how to get your subject in focus every time.

* The 5 lighting situations most likely to confuse your camera and how to deal with them.  

* Why there's more than one "auto mode", and how to choose the right one for your situation

* Six simple composition techniques to add "wow factor" to your images


Cost $79