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  • Dave Burgess

Celebrating Crowns of Courage With A Deluxe Coffee Table Book

In 2017, I was a participant in ArtPrize 9. I'm proud to say our entry was an attendee favorite, finishing in the top five popular vote and just missing out on the grand prize. The final display (now permanently installed at the Lemmen Holton Cancer Pavilion) consisted of 24 carefully chosen photographs from 22 separate photo sessions. While many people saw the 24 final images, very few people have seen some of the photos that didn't make the final display.

Someday I'll be gone, and would like my family and friends to have a record of the project and see these glorious women celebrating their struggles with cancer. With that in mind, I designed and self-published a 12"x12" coffee table book with some of my favorite photographs from each session. Most of these photos have not been seen by anyone other than the subjects. The book arrived at my house earlier this week, and it is beautiful, just like the women portrayed.

The book is published by Blurb, a company that specializes in publishing low volume, high quality books. It's kind of cost prohibitive to print these one at a time, so I would like to share a web version of the book below. Just click on the arrows to flip through the book and enjoy.

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