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  • Dave Burgess

Personal Branding: Carrie Holland,MD

I met Carrie a year ago, when I photographed her just before she appeared in her first competitive bodybuilding event. In addition to being a very fit athlete, Carrie is also a practicing physician here in Grand Rapids. In a sport that is sometimes known for extreme diets and damaging exercise regimens, it's refreshing to meet someone who can help her clients meet their fitness goals AND do it safely and in a medically sound manner.

It's a compelling story, and a that's why a personal branding photo session was perfect for her. This kind of photography is more than a headshot (though that's an important part of it too). Personal branding photos like these tell your unique story and set you apart from others. They can be used on your website, your social media, and business cards to tell your compelling story in a consistent way.

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