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  • Dave Burgess

My 5 Step Retouching Process Makes You Look Ten Years Younger.

How can you tell if a portrait has been retouched? If it's done properly, you can't tell!

I follow a strict step process to give your headshot a fresh, youthful look. And when I'm done, your friends and family will be amazed (and maybe a little bit jealous).

Here's the step-by-step retouching process that we do at Studio 616 Photography:

  1. Wrinkle reduction - I start the process by working on your wrinkles. I don't eliminate them; I minimize them. It's possible to remove all of your wrinkles, but no adult has a wrinkle free face, and it looks stiff and plastic and unnatural. So I just soften them up and tone them down.

  2. Remove blemishes - We all have those little blotches and blemishes that appear and are gone a few days later. My rule of thumb is to remove it in photoshop if it looks like something that will be gone in a week or two. If it's permament - like a mole for instance - I leave it unless the customer requests it to be gone.

  3. Balance skin tone - Shiny nose? It's gone. Sunburn or red splotch? Bye bye.

  4. Enhance the eyes - Sharpen and add a little lightening to the iris.

  5. Teeth whitening - Instead of adding brightness, we remove color and saturation for a natural, whiter smile.

That's it! And if we've done it right, it looks natural and flattering and not overcooked.

Isn't it time you treated yourself to your best headshot ever? Visit Studio 616 Photography, where headshots are our speciality.

Check out the slider demo below featuring my client Derrin, and the before after images from her business headshot session.


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