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  • Dave Burgess

Fab Faces: Tori in Black

Last week, Tori Baughman accompanied her friend Keisha to Studio 616 to help with hair and styling for Keisha's fitness photo shoot. As Keisha was prepping, Tori stood in to help me test a few lighting setups. The test shots were terrific, so I asked Tori if she would be interested in visiting the studio at a later date to help me try some new lighting setups and poses.

We met last Wednesday, and here are the finished shots from our session together. All of her shots are terrific, but my particular favorites are the shots with Tori in a black dress on a black background. I especially like the moody feel of the shots, and the way the rim light separates her and her black dress from the black background.

Another shot of Tori is not featured in my Fab Faces portfolio. Check it out. And send me a note if you would like to book a Fab Faces photoshoot yourself. It's my goal to capture the beauty that resides in every woman, and make the very finest portrait of you ever taken. It will be flattering, dramatic and you will love it.

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